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All Types Of Factory License Services 

License Guru All types of factory permits  services and help prepare documents such as

  • Set up a new factory
  • There is a factory but no license
  • Want to expand factory, increase horsepower, expand machinery
  • Renewal of factory license
  • Requires an engineer to sign. (all subjects)
  • Permission granted. Factory business license (Ror. Ror. Ror. 2) (Ror. Ror. Ror. 4) of all types of factories, all sizes, nationwide
  • Processing document preparation and reports To request permission about the factory
  • Design, sign and certify wastewater treatment systems. air treatment system environment
  • All related types

factory means a building, place or vehicle that uses machinery with a total power of 5 horsepower or equivalent to 5 horsepower or more, or employing 7 or more workers, by machine or not, for making, producing, assembling, packing, repairing, maintaining, testing, improving, transforming, conveying, storing or destroying anything in accordance with the type or type of factory that stipulated in the Ministerial Regulations

Thanks to the source : Faca.html

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We will facilitate everything.
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